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                                                      April11th, 2009

Our fly-in last weekend was allot of fun. We had a good turn out of members and guests. The WX was warm and sunny, but the x-wind from the east allowed us to only fly one event safely. Five pilots participated in the Bomb Drop event. Results were 1st place: AJ Jones, 2nd place: David Morrow, and 3rd place: Jeff Mountain. Mike Combs presented an update on his project, "The Flight for the Human Spirit". It was decided that our May 9th event will be a fly-out to Cedar Mills (3T0), along Lake Texoma. A lunch/meeting will be held at the Pelican's Landing restaurant. Watch the "Events Schedule" page on our website for more info. I'd like to thank the Neeper's for hosting us again, the member's that helped run the event, and Pat Zappa for coordinating the food.
On a different subject, I'm thinking about setting up a visit for the club to the Denton control tower to observe their operations, and have them answer questions. If you are interested in doing this, please let me know. Blue Skies...... Jeff Mountain 940-648-5906 [email protected]



The FAA has issued an AD for users of mogas in aircraft. Do not use any fuel with an ethanol level greater than 10%. Be aware that Rotax does not recommend ethanol for use with their 2-cycle engines at any percentage. The Valero gas station on the 407 west of Propwash is no longer selling non-ethanol gas. Non-ethanol fuel can be bought at the Phillips 66 in downtown Boyd on the north side of 114. UPDATE ON ETHANOL USE: According to the tech folks at California Power Systems and Leading Edge Air Foils, Rotax has recently approved ethanol in mixes of up to 10%. (that is what most of the fuel in the Metroplex is). Be sure you buy from a station that receives fuel often,(fast turnover) and don't let it sit for months in the cans. Use it. The octane level will begin to drop and detonation can occur. 



The deadline for converting Fat and 2-place UL's is Jan. 31st. If you still need an inspection on your aircraft, contact Michael Guidry. He is a DAR located in Justin and has done inspections for some of our members. Contact him at: 940-648-3957/817-905-5382 [email protected]  Just In!!!  The EAA has gotten an extension for converting UL's. If you have sent in your paperwork to register before Jan. 31, 2008, you have until Jan. 31st, 2010 to finish the process. You must be a EAA member.


The FAA has proposed new rules for Sport Pilot. They will be open for public comment for 120 days. You can view them at:  https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/rulemaking/recently_published/media/29015.DOC Please let them know what you think.


The club has cases of Pennzoil 2 cycle air-cooled oil available for club members only. They are 24-8oz. bottles. The price is $25.00 Contact Jeff Mountain.

Wayland Neeper has AN hardware for sale to club members only.




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