[some information taken from eaa.org]

Flying ultralights is not a step up or down, but a step into a completely different and exciting sector of the flying community. Flying ultralights might be described as a step into high performance slowness. While there are similarities to other type certificated aircraft, there can be major handling differences.

Click on this youtube video to see one of our members flying a Quicksilver MX2 around our airport, Propwash, in Justing, TX.

The Federal Aviation Regulation that regulates ultralight flying is called Part 103. These are the legal rules we fly by; they are the most lenient rules in the world. Our privileges, however, carry responsibilities.

Part 103 defines an ultralight as:

  • 1-seat
  • 254 pounds max. empty weight (powered)
  • 155 pounds max empty weight (unpowered)
  • 5 gallons max. fuel capacity
  • 55 knots max. full power speed
  • 24 knots max power off stall speed

If the aircraft has more than 1-seat or exceeds any of the above criteria, is not an ultralight, and not eligible for operation under Part 103.

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