General Aviation

General Aviation planes are usually those that are “certified,” built by a factory, and flown the good o’le fashion boring way:  up high, straight and level.  Many times they are fun, comfortable, safe, but also not so affordable. A few General Aviation (GA) aircraft actually also meet LSA requirements. Planes such as the Piper J-3 Cub, the Aeronca Champ, the Aeronca Chief, the Taylorcraft BC12-D, just to name a few, all meet the weight and speed requirements for LSA (Light Sport Aircraft). They can all be flown by Private Pilots and Sport Pilots alike.

Though our club mainly focuses on ultralight and lightsport aircraft, we welcome people from all types of avaiation. Members and pilots of our club range from wanna-be pilots to ex-military and airline captains. No one is excluded. All are welcome!

If your sole interest is GA type airplanes, you may want to investigate other EAA clubs with more focus on that section of aviation. However, still come and visit one of our events to see how much more fun can be had in the lighter aircraft side of avaiation.

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