A lot of our activities and pilots are based at Propwash Airport (16X). Propwash is a mixed-use PUPO airport southwest of Denton, north of Fort Worth, and near Alliance Airport. Be sure to review your airport directory and sectional chart before flying in for a visit. We fly Left-hand Patterns to the north and Right-hand Patterns to the south. There is no Fuel Service on the field. Comm radio is 122.9 While not required- radio communications is highly recommended. Propwash is generally a quiet country airport community and a lot of pilots (of all types) live here. Stay vigilant and yield for faster traffic. On nice flying days- expect traffic. Contact a club member for tie-down and fuel needs. See our ‘Local Flying’ link for more details. (view sectional here)

Click on images below to see a large view of the directions:

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