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Social, pool party, picnic and poker game

Jul ’13
4:00 pm

We are having a Social, Pool Party, Picnic, and Poker Games at Dorothy and Ross Owen’s home on Saturday, July 27, starting at 4:00 till about 9:00. We will have more details about soon.

At our last meeting on June 13 it was decided that we will meet bi-monthly instead of meeting every month because of the drive for some of the members, and it is much better to have fewer, better, and more informative meetings than every single month.

If anyone wants to fly, and would like some company, contact any or all members that you can and see what response you get. It is usually more fun to fly with a few friends.Updates as they come available.

May fly-in/competition/social!

May ’13
4:00 pm


We have a fly-in and competition and evening social coming up on, May 4th @ 4:00-10:00pm at Paul and Greg’s hangars at the North end at Propwash, 16X. Com radio 122.9. It will be a covered dish type party, Claudene will head that. To coordinate the food, contact her at 469-682-3222

Dinner/meeting at The Beacon Cafe

Apr ’13
7:00 pm

Our next event will be a dinner/meeting at
The Beacon Cafe
7:00pm, Thursday May 9
At Hicks airport 171 Aviator Drive
Fort Worth Texas 76179

Dinner/meeting at Judge Beans Keller.

Mar ’13
7:00 pm

Our next meeting will be a dinner at Judge Beans at 314 Main St. Keller, TX 76248 at 7:00 pm. We will have a private room for socializing.

Dinner/meeting at Judge Beans Keller

Feb ’13
6:00 am
Feb ’13
7:00 pm

Our next meeting will be a dinner at Judge Beans at 314 Main St. Keller, TX 76248 at 7:00 pm. We will have a private room for socializing.

July 14th fly-out to Cedar Mills

Jul ’12
10:00 am

Our July 14th event will be a fly-out to Cedar Mills. (3T0) We will have a lunch/meeting at Pelican’s Landing restaurant around noon. Pilot’s flying up should plan on departing Propwash at 10am. If you are flying or driving there and have an empty seat, please post it on our website.

June 9th Fly-In Propwash

Jun ’12
10:00 am

Our next event will be a fly-in at Propwash. Pilot proficiency events will start at 10am, followed by lunch and a meeting. The lunch will be burgers and hot dogs, provided by the club. Please bring a side dish to share. I look forward to seeing everyone there! Blue Skies………

May fly-out brunch to Hicks

May ’12
10:00 am

Our next event is May 19th. We will have a fly-out to Hicks airfield for brunch. (T67) Pilots should plan on a 10am. departure from Propwash. If you have an empty airplane seat or are going to drive there and would like some company, please post it on our website. Blue Skies………..


April fly-in/meeting at Propwash

Apr ’12
10:00 am

Our next event will be a fly-in/meeting at Avis’s hangar (15639 Cessna Rd. Justin) at 10:00 am. The club will be serving Pizza and soft drinks following the meeting

March club meeting

Mar ’12
10:00 am

Our next event will be March 10th, 10am. at Avis’s hangar at Propwash. We will have our Pilot Proficiency Events followed by a potluck lunch and a meeting. Bob Carson will show us a great program called VFR Com. Please bring a dish to share. Blue Skies………


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