ATTENTION: October meeting is CANCELED

for several reasons. Our next meeting will be

the Christmas meeting on December 10, 2015.

The main reason for this is that most of the officers will not be able to be there. Robert had a motorcycle accident.  Ross has kidney stones.  Susan and Evan Just had their baby. I spent the last six weeks getting over a foot/leg infection, and also have a lot going on.

We had a great time at our last meeting with lots of folks showing up. Last time I asked for some suggestions as to what kinds of events we want to have this year.  All of us have to realize that a club can only be fun for all if we have something planned. There are some important things we need to discuss at the next meeting, and we need your participation. The meetings are the focal point of putting it all together along with those that want to spearhead an event.  Again, if anyone wants to put together a flying event (fly out to somewhere), just contact some people and “make it happen”. It’s up to you, the members. It’s just that simple, but someone has to step up.

More about the Christmas meeting when I get the details. I know it will be a lot of fun.


Bob Widmer, President

 Welcome to the DFW Lite Flyers

Our club serves the Dallas, Fort Worth, and general North Texas sport flying community. The DFW Lite Flyers are a group of people bonded together by a love of light sport aviation. We are dedicated to the promotion of aviation safety. We encourage more education and improvement of personal flying skills by all members of the Ultralight and Light Sport aircraft community. We strive to promote growth in the hobby of sport aviation. We tailor our events to encourage participation not only by pilots but their family members as well.

We are directly affiliated with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) as club number 393. The interests of our club members range from Trikes, to Powered Parachutes, Light Sport Aircraft, Experimental Aircraft and of course Fixed-Wing Ultralights. Since the new Light-Sport aircraft and Sport Pilot rules have been implemented there has been a great deal of interest into this exciting area of sport aviation.

In general we have at least one flying event every month. These events feature good food, lots of flying and even better fellowship. Please check the calendar shown at the left of the page for our next meeting or flying event.

Currently we are accepting new members to our club, and encourage anyone to join. You can even join right now online! Club dues are $25.00 per year or $35 per year for a family membership. Additionally, our club also requires current EAA membership. Through the use of our website, meeting programs, and personal contacts, you can access the vast body of knowledge among our experienced members, builders, and pilots.


Bob Widmer

Please watch a short video illustrating one of our typical EAA Club Events